We would especially like to mention that we offer the Cerec method for fillings. Thanks to the Cerec method we can provide whitin one meeting a high-quality filling or crown  on the highest aesthetic level made out of ceramics for your teeth. We cooperate with the Cerec system successfully on a daily base since 2006. 


Next to the common offers of oral surgery like thooth extractions or apicectomies we have the full know how of more complex implant restorations. Dental implants are useful in many therapies and also for anchoring badly aligned prothesis.

With the help of the digital volume tomograph we can create 3D x-rays so that we can plan more complex interventions precisley in advance. That means, that we know exactly how long the treatment is going to last and that we can minimize the amount of meetings.


Instead of fixed or removable equippment for tooth- and jaw position adjustments we use the system  Invisaligne: whit the help of these invisible rails made out of special plastic we can reach major results in the shortest period of time.

We offer the whole spectrum of dentistry, which means:

  • Removable prothetics
  • Fixed prothetics
  • Parodontology
  • Endodontics
  • Children dentisrty
  • Lasertechniques